Superior Craftmanship


Our Facility

Our Facility

For the last 40 years, we have been located on the near west side of Chicago, and occupied 120,000 square feet of ground level manufacturing facilities complete with seven receiving and shipping docks. At our facility, each function of the manufacturing process is designed to ensure timeliness without compromising quality. To help reach this goal, we hire only the most experienced carpenters, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and custom mixed finishers.

 Production Capability

From large hotel lobbies and entire restaurants to single rooms or settees, we have the capabilities to work with a wide range of materials on a diverse number of projects.

 Modern and Specialized Equipment

In an effort to maintain our state of the art facility, we are constantly updating our tools and equipment. Our knowledgeable staff of superintendents and electricians are there to help minimize downtime in the shop and make sure the machines are in working order.

 Staff and Experience

Ninety percent of our employees are union journeymen carpenters, cabinetmakers and upholsterers with a minimum of ten years experience in their field. Most came to E-J Industries as apprentices and have grown with us for twenty to thirty years.

 Safety, Quality, and Inspection

We are committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for our staff. We attain this by keeping up to date on OSHA safety regulations and educating our employees on safe workplace practices.

Our Experience Will Make
the Difference On Your Project

Our experienced staff knows how to get the job done right. Around 90% of our manufacturing employees are journeyman, which means that they have completed at least 4 years of apprenticeship training.